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The growing team and Innovace Designs has a wide range and depth of knowledge, research, application and "hands on" (really practical) experience of delivering when it counts.

We also have some interesting past times and history!

Some interesting things about us...

  • 1.

    Two of us have applied for patents (one quite recently and one a very long time ago!)

  • 2.

    One of us is a qualified swimming coach.

  • 3.

    One of us won the very first motor race they entered (and was on a televised documentary about it!)

  • 4.

    One of us looks after their dad by taking him to the pub!

  • 5.

    Two of us have 1st Class ergonomics degrees (the others are top-notch too!!)

  • 6.

    One of us can speak three languages fluently.

  • 7.

    One of us is a qualified pharmacist (so knows attention to detail in safety-related industries is key).

  • 8.

    One of us is a black belt in Judo.

  • 9.

    One of us can quickly interpret Morse code.

  • 10.

    Four of us have worked in Denmark.

"I love a challenge!"

I'm a Human Factors specialist who loves to help solve difficult business-affecting ergonomics, HF & safety problems.

I'll address tough systems challenges that others might shy away from.

And, I'll always tell the whole professional story!

There are two things I'm passionate about...

Firstly, getting the process & method right to produce great HF engineering solutions.

Secondly, helping other technical consultants better understand how to run a successful consultancy business.

Dr Amanda C. Elliott
Human Factors Specialist
& Director
"I am focused on delivering HF values in everything I do"

I am enthusiastic about producing a high level of support to challenging socio-technical industries. I develop & apply innovative methodologies to provide HF solutions on time & within budget.

My strengths lie in my ability to understand technical problems & effectively integrate HF across the life cycle of a project.

Dominic Russell
Human Factors
"I'm here to help!"

My role is about ensuring that clients have a great experience from their interactions with Innovace Designs, from the marketing materials to administrative support.

Whenever I can, I'll be using my interest in graphic design, creativity and my love of spreadsheets to great effect!

Jade Green
Financial Administrator & Operations Support
"I enjoy finding innovative solutions to challenging problems"

My experience as a communications operator in the German Navy impressed upon me the importance of recognizing the interconnectedness of safety-critical systems. I approach HF issues from a systems perspective, and leave no stone unturned! I undertake all work with a strong drive to provide excellent results, and endeavour to see any task through to completion.

I excel working as part of a team, and bring to the table a global perspective, a keen eye for detail, and a pro-active attitude.

Jan Asmussen
Human Factors
"Producing great output comes naturally to me!"

My role is to support with marketing designs, ensuring they are eye catching and to a high standard. 

Jack Tanser
"My focus is on the quality"

As someone trained & practised to a high level of quality in a safety-critical industry (pharmacy), I believe that delivering the right thing, to exacting standards is essential.

I'm approachable & am happy to help with improvements!

My role includes checking supplier documentation, proof reading Innovace Designs outputs, collecting data & liaising with our clients.

Suzanne Elliott
People & Policy Administrator