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If you need one-off or ongoing Human Factors support, we can help! 

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    Project-based rail consulting

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    On-call HF specialist advice

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    Small & large workpackages

We are an enthusiastic in-demand group, who specialise in supporting the rail industry. We will also consider other work from safety-related & engineering fields, depending on the fit to our skills & your needs.

We'll look at the individual problem & we won't think that "one size fits all".

We pride ourselves on our ability to objectively and independently evaluate the interests of all those involved with the project. Our aim is to understand your specific situation & deliver in a format that is usable for your particular situation. And if you need to communicate the findings to others, we can assist in rearranging the content and format to suit different stakeholders. 

We don't want HF to be seen as a "dark art", reserved for the few. We aim to proliferate the knowledge & use of HF skills; providing our clients pragmatic methods & solutions to move their businesses forward."