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Banedanmark Signalling Programme

through Rambøll-Atkins-Emch&Berger-Parsons JV


HF Engineering & Hazard Management

  • 1.

    Production of a usability tool for use by testers & trainers, to help produce consistent records of usability concerns without the need for a HF professional to be constantly on hand.

  • 2.

    Hazard management process & documentation update for Denmark's national Fjernbane Railway.

  • 3.

    Development of detailed descriptions & communication analysis for the new organisation for command & control.

  • 4.

    Review & restructuring of HF issues and records, to align HF evidence produced during Concept Design, Preliminary Design & Final Design.

  • 5.

    Development of a systematic process to map the human components of hazards & operational rules, to provide a complete & full picture of the human factors analysis required to support the safety case.

  • 6.

    Additional HF support to process & operational testing, to help ensure coverage of Human Components for hazard closure & to satisfy the G-ISA & NSA.

London Underground


Independent HF Expert Study

Project commissioned by LU senior management, following a request from the Trades Unions for a trusted HF professional to assess a particular piece of train equipment. 

A detailed anthropometric analysis was presented to the TU representatives, alongside training & design recommendations. 

The nature of the work requires that no further details to be disclosed at this time.


through Quintec


Signalling Infrastructure Project HF Delivery & Documentation

  • 1.

    Production & full delivery of Human Factors Integration Plan (HFIP) work packages for Thales-Strukton (Balfour Beatty Rail), as the supplier of the whole of the West of Denmark Fjernbane Signalling Project.

  • 2.

    Lead role in the design & development of the new workstations used in the Traffic Control Centre West, including the layout of the room using Signaller human workload analysis. Activities included stakeholder workshops, mock-up sessions, final manufacturing specification for the workstation, plus detailed workload analysis & prediction.

  • 3.

    Main lead in the joint development of the Hand Held Terminal (HHT) style guide, with focus on the user needs & environment in which the product will be used. Set the look & feel standards for the software team to follow.

  • 4.

    Direction for the alarm & notification strategy to align with EEMUA 191 & change to approach in allocation of alarms from role-based to task-based allocation.

London Underground

through Taudevin Engineering Ltd.


Product Introduction for Depot Equipment

Providing support to the Product Introduction process for key equipment delivery. The work includes:

  • Specification production & tender reviews.
  • Reviewing supplier deliveries, regulatory documentation& operation & maintenance manuals.
  • Site Acceptance Test documentation & support.

A team activity, using different skill sets in support of the client & end customer representatives.

Bombardier Transportation


Training for Depot Health & Safety & Equipment Use

Support requested to update the health & safety training for personnel working in London Underground depots, with an emphasis on personal responsibility & safety identity. 

Depot speciality equipment training provided for use of lifting machinery & mobile access platforms.

BAM Nuttall


HF & Equipment Delivery

  • 1.

    Production of Training Needs Analysis, Training Strategy and Plan for new depot equipment; training both train maintainers (as operators) and equipment maintenance teams.

  • 2.

    Human Factors management for construction of train maintenance sheds, and numerous larger equipment items such as de-icer, sanding, gear box oil, etc.

  • 3.

    Development and delivery of familiarisation training for all staff groups using the new cleaning sheds.

Metronet Rail


Human Factors Delivery Management

  • 1.

    Provided Human Factors Delivery Management for Metronet's £3.4 billion upgrade of Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, Circle & District Lines prior to London Underground taking back control of the work.

  • 2.

    Management of HF team for Metronet upgrade programme of works, including production & review of multiple Human Factors Integration Plans.

  • 3.

    Produced requirement specification content for Neasden Depot & set the rail height for all Sub Surface Lines (SSL) depots using ergonomic principles & understanding of the maintenance tasks required on the S Stock train.

Metronet Rail


S Stock Train HF Engineering

Sought-out as an experienced railway HF specialist, we made an immediate impact on the S-Stock design. 

There were historical road-blocks preventing cab design to move forwards for a number of months; positive actions from Innovace Designs personnel resulted in agreement between stakeholders and the design as it is today.

Other activities included:

  • One Person Operator (OPO) HF analysis of pop-out targets (people on platforms!).
  • Realignment of the anthropometric predictive data being used.
  • Direction on passenger seat customer testing.
  • 1.

    Award Winner!

We are proud to be part of team associated with winning the Ergonomics Design Award presented by the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF). 

See here for more details.

Metronet Rail


Victoria Line Upgrade Train HF Engineering

Specialist HF support requested to redesign the train cab, following ergonomic discrepancies.

The process required getting up to speed quickly with the specific issues related to the new 09 Tube Stock requirements and equipment. The challenges were to:

  • Fit the cab desk and seat into a small area;
  • Provide visibility and reach to all train operator equipment;
  • Work within the constraints of the train structure and predefined engineering (e.g. wiring looms, train whistle, communications cables, impact structure).
  • Interact and gain the trust and respect of the established engineering, HF and operational teams.

Hitachi Rail


Javelin Class 395 Stock Ergonomic Design

Lead ergonomist for the design & development of the Javelin from concept to final design & build. Introducing HF processes & methods that have been used by subsequent HF work on the newer Hitachi intercity express trains.

Activities included:

  • Equipment task analysis & layout of all cab interfaces.
  • Cab mock-up trials, including inputs from stakeholder Trades Unions representatives.
  • Driver alarm reviews.
  • Driver seating location & sightline assessment.